CAVA Grand Canyon

Arquiideas Competition 2017


                         Cecilia Nercasseau G.
                         Claudio Squella V.
The magnitude present in Grand Canyon makes to see the real size of the Human in the world. In one hand, it approximates to us to understand the scale relating with the world and the territory; and in another hand, allows you to place in a small piece of time in compares to the millions of years that this gorge has been dig out by Colorado’s river.
The project takes this magnitudes throught of an intentional crack in the sedimented rock, from the sky to the river, from the present to the past. A vertical descent that marks the gradual step from the amplitude to the tight , from vertigo to confinement, from the air to the material.
The project works as a capsule which makes Users to be close to the heart of the rock. This capsule demarcates a void and a vertical descent into the crack, without touching the pre-existing elements, being this the mediator between Human and Nature.
A journey of Magnitude and Time that relates the experience of contemplating the totality of the landscape from the height to the singularity of the elements present inside the throat, as an act that declares time and space in each of the elements that make up the order of Nature.