Residential Wood Building

CORMA Competition 2012.

Pedro Gonzalez
Joao Silveira
Claudio Squella
Santiago Vicuña
The project is emplaced in Matucana, which is an historical neighborhood in Santiago city.
More than 100 years ago, due to migration from Countryside to the City, there was an increase in the population in Santiago, which generated a new configuration of the squares that is call “Cités”. (“Cité is a set of houses with continuous facade, which are shaping a commons and private spaces. It is relating with the street through one or more access”).
The project takes the morphology of the squares in Matucana’s neightborhood, through a void that pass along the residencial complex as the Cité. Likewise, a small scale, it takes the Cité’s morphology through ways, which are becoming thinner as the User going closer to the private area (house).
The wood is the construction material of the residencial complex, which set it in a modular way, in a excersise of the fullness and the voidness that follow the historical morphology of the neighborhood.