About me

In my experience working with architects in Germany and Chile, I know that obtaining powerful images of their projects is a great challenge, which prevents them from closing as many clients as they would like. 
For this reason I help you to enhance your value as a professional through images that convey emotions that allow you to connect with your clients and thus be able to realize your projects.
My commitment is that you can feel confident and satisfied with the delivery.
Claudio Squella Vicuña
Artista 3D
Claudio Squella Vicuña - Artista 3D / Arquitecto, fundador de CSV Rendering

My name is Claudio Squella, I am an architect graduated from the PUC of Chile, with work experience both in Santiago de Chile and Berlin and a couple of years ago I dedicated myself to 3D Visualization, which is the area that I am most passionate about.

Each client is different and special, and I have realized as a 3D artist, that one must sensitize with the particular intentions of each of them. My rendering service seeks to imprint those special values of each project and thus be a support in the steps to be taken.

It is very important for me to talk about objectives. The Visualizations will be made according to the objectives that we set, in order to always reach the optimal result. This is the way I work with my clients, where they have the certainty that the final work is the true image of their values as professionals.

Final Project Master TU V2
Final Project Master Bühnenbild TU Berlin. Project author: Cecilia Nercasseau Gibson.
16boxes - (4x4) Fourbyfour - Birch + Boxes
16-Boxes. Berlin, Germany.
CSV - Casa Colbún, Chile
Casa Colbún. Chile.
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