Understanding the needs that clients may have in their projects is crucial. Therefore, there will be a specific way of working based on the initially agreed-upon objectives. Each project has a particular way of being presented. However, here I mention some possibilities:

1- Customized Approach: Tailoring the project strategy to address the unique requirements of the client.
2-Goal-Oriented Methodology: Implementing a work process that aligns with the predefined goals.
3-Individualized Presentation: Showcasing the project in a manner that highlights its distinctive aspects.
4-Bespoke Solutions: Crafting solutions that cater to the specific project needs.
5-Client-Centric Workflow: Designing a workflow that revolves around the client’s preferences and expectations.
6-Personalized Project Display: Presenting the project in a way that resonates with its individual characteristics.
Effective communication and collaboration with clients play a pivotal role in successfully meeting their project needs.

Preparation of material for target images through 3D modeling of the project.

Reproducción of target images from your project. This can be done through rendering, postproduction, and/or various techniques according to the set objective.

Rendered image with a 360º panoramic view, ideal for showcasing interior spaces, such as a virtual apartment tour.